Bentley Business Edge: A Business ‘Bootcamp’ for Non-Business College Graduates and Rising Seniors

Put Your Degree to Work! 2 Weeks this Summer Could Change Your Life

You have invested a great deal for a great undergraduate education.  Now it’s time to take your skills and knowledge to the next level as you prepare to launch a post-graduate career.  The Bentley Business Edge program has been designed to help equip you with the business know-how needed to transform your liberal arts or science education into a fulfilling and rewarding post-college life and career.

Bentley University consistently ranks as a top U.S.  business school.   You will experience active and applicable learning modules in our state-of-the art learning labs and financial trading room.  The focus is on the key skills needed in today’s fast-paced environment:

      Finance - ‘Wall Street 101’ in our Hughey Center Financial Trading Room with access to Bloomberg, Factset and other leading edge financial software

      Business Strategy and Innovation for global and competitive perspective

      Digital Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Key Analytics

      Global Economics

      Career Coaching and Networking Essentials

Join a group of your peers to gain an extra ‘Edge’ in this university-quality, active-learning career experience this summer!

Cost & Registration

You Should Attend if You Are:

  • A recent college graduate with a liberal arts, science or technical degree
  • A rising college senior with a non-business
  • Someone who wants to translate a great liberal arts education into a career that fits with their dreams and interests.
    One considering the pursuit of an MBA or specialty Masters business program to see if business is right for you.
"Wall Street 101 at Bentley gives students and introduction to the ins-and-out of Wall Street."
- Boston Herald
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