Women's Executive Leadership Program

A Unique 7-Day Executive Development Experience for Women

What are the critical elements that make the difference between management and leadership – the factors that move you from managing a team to the executive suite? Taking Charge is a seven day program for women in mid-to-senior management with a primary goal of developing the professional presence and leadership skill set necessary to succeed at an executive level in organizations.

Unique Features:

  • A comprehensive 360° leadership assessment
  • A full day devoted to negotiation and communication skills
  • A full day of executive coaching with an expert consulting team
  • An engaging group simulation exercise to further enhance learnings around leadership & change management
  • Insights from an experienced panel on requirements for corporate board membership
  • Development of a strong and supportive peer network

Taking Charge delivers excellent content through active learning which is integrated into your current role between sessions. 

Join a group of your professional peers in an experience which will change your approach to management and leadership while providing the network you need to move ahead.

Who Attends

Who Should Attend Women's Executive Leadership Program?

Participate in a Program Designed Specifically for Women

This program has been designed to provide a safe and collaborative environment to foster confidence while benefiting from experiential learning in the strategic leadership skills needed to provide maximum benefit to your organization. Working together with senior graduate faculty members and executives, you will address the challenges faced in today’s business landscape while applying the skills learned in each session immediately to your current role.

You will benefit from the program the most if you are a strong professional mid-to-senior level woman who has been:

  • Identified as a candidate for promotion
  • Designated to assume increased responsibilities
  • Are in a position of significant management responsibility for a team or group
  • In a role requiring cross-functional cooperation and leadership
  • Primarily engaged in a technical aspect of business such as IT, accounting, or engineering and desire a broader perspective on leading within the larger organization
  • In a professional field – for example, law or health care – and are now in or moving into a role requiring team or group management

Past groups have included those who are directors, senior directors, project managers and vice presidents. 

"Every day at work I feel that I am drawing from my experience at Bentley, implementing the tools and skills I've gained through the program."
Susan Sheffer
Lender Eligibility & Product Manager



Topics of the Women's Executive Leadership Program

With the exception of Session 1, all sessions are one‐day in length held on alternating Fridays 8:30am – 4:30pm

360° Leadership Assessment (Two Days)

Women in Leadership

• What's in the Water
•Leadership & You
• Leadership Styles
• Management vs. Leadership
• What role does gender play?

Leading through Change
• Simulation Exercise
• Managing and Promoting Change
• Engaging Followers and Stakeholders
• Measuring and Communicating Results

The Power of Communication
• Negotiating Well – Types and Styles
• Advocacy
• Interests vs. Positions
• Power Negotiation
• Ethical Standards
• Difficult Conversations

Executive Coaching‐ Leading Teams
• Small group sessions with professional executive coaches
• Team Dynamics exercise with individual and group feedback
• The coaching imperative - how do you coach your people
• Individual and Team Feedback

Strategic Leaderhip
• Why is strategic thiniking important
• ‘Characteristics of strong strategic leaders
• Levels of strategic thinking / leadership
•Challenges to strategic leading & mitigations

Women on Boards - Why should you consider future board involvement
•Corporate vs. Non-profit boards
•Expectations/ Responsibilities of board members
•Board compensation
•Essential strategies to seeking board position

Celebration of Accomplishment


Women's Executive Leadership Program Faculty

Without exception, the instructors are highly qualified experts in their fields, with extensive real-world experience. Most are also regular lecturers at the MBA level and all are actively involved in senior management consulting roles with some of World's leading organizations. Some faculty featured in this program include: 

Susan M. Adams

Susan M. Adams (PhD Georgia Institute of Technology) is Professor of Management at Bentley University . She brings practical and academic insights to learning environments in and out of the classroom from her consulting work and practical experience with public and private firms, start-up ventures, government entities, and non-profit organizations. Dr. Adams has served on and chaired boards of companies and non-profit organizations. Her work has been featured in over 40 publications that appear in both academic and industry outlets. Her work focuses on individual and organization development to anticipante and cope with changing environments.

Jill Brown

Jill Brown (PhD Strategic Management University of Georgia) is an associate professor of Management at Bentley University. Prior to her position in academe, she worked as a Commercial lender for several financial institutions, including BNY Mellon and First Fidelity Bank in Philadelphia, PA. She is also an executive with a family-owned manufacturing business. Professor Brown’s research, teaching and consulting interests include ethics, corporate social responsibility, corporate governance and strategic leadership facilitation.

William Starner

William Starner spent over 25 years in executive management roles including general management, marketing, customer service and human resources. He has extensive international business experience and possesses in-depth knowledge of a variety of industries.  Mr. Starner is an Adjunct Professor of Management at Bentley University where he teaches courses in Leadership, Negotiation and Interpersonal Relations in Management.

Joseph Weiss Joseph Weiss is a Professor of Management at Bentley University where he designed and teaches the MBA leadership course, business ethics, and organizational theory. He specializes in developing individual and team leadership effectiveness, organizational change, project management, and business ethics. He is an international management consultant with two decades of experience. Dr. Weiss had coached executives from Fortune 500 and 1000 firms across industries and geographies.

Learn from recognized experts in their respective fields.


Benefits of Bentley Women's Executive Leadership Program

As a participant in the Taking Charge program, you will have the opportunity to explore concepts relevant for leadership development and then apply those concepts in your current role. The delivery timeframe – 7 sessions totaling 8 days over a 3 month timeframe – provides an optimal platform for incorporating the learning as well as building a strong peer network.

During the program you will:

  • Gain insight into your strengths as well as areas that need development
  • Learn practical, applicable skills that you can apply immediately
  • Strengthen your communications skills for improved effectiveness with internal and external constituents
  • Learn to build a business network for the long term
  • Participate in an executive coaching session
  • Meet senior level women who will give candid insights for the journey ahead

The overriding objective of this unique program will be to provide a learning experience which results in a lifetime network of peers with a shared passion for supportive business leadership.

Days, Time & Registration

7 Day Program    
Session Times : 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Fall 2019: September 26-27, October 10, October 25, November 8, November 22, December 6
Cost:  $4950

Register 30 days prior to session start date to receive an early registration discount of 10%

Program Requirements:

  • 10 years of professional experience, demonstrating career progression
  • Agreement to complete 360 assessment, obtaining feedback from your manger, peers & direct reports
“I have learned a tremendous amount from the other women. Most of them have very different work environments but very similar leadership experiences and challenges.” 
Senior Manager from Financial Services Industry

Director of Executive Education, Deb Kennedy, discusses our "Taking Charge: Women's Executive Leadership" Program.

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